Corporation details - Angels and Devils [A.N.D]
Alliance: Get Off My Lawn CEO: 2skulls
Kills: 2 HQ: ZN0-SR VI - Moon 4 - Intaki Space Police Assembly Plant
Losses: 0 Members: 89
ISK destroyed: 0.90B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.00B Tax Rate: 10%
Efficiency: 100.00% Website:
A Real Life first Corporation.

Our corporation is a group of independent, mature indivuduals who have come together in friendship. We work together out of choice, and we respect that real life commitments come first.

We are a pvp-capable carebear corporation. All of us are miners or mission runners who have decided that both can be very boring. We understand carebear ways but given the opportunity we jump on the chance for a good ole' fight.

New members are almost always welcome, all skill levels and types, they just must be mature and able to work alone and in groups. No hand holding here, we will throw you in the deepend. We'll just be jumping in right beside you.

We are always seeking to make more friends and allies. If you have questions about our operations, or anything else just contact one of our members. If you see us in a Wormhole then start a conversation, if you do so we wont engage you and maybe we can develop a profitable relationship.

[A.N.D.] Rules of Engagement:

High Sec:
-A.N.D. is a [null sec] corperation we live and play in 00 we work hard to give ourmembers good space to play in.
-Occasional Ninja'ing
-Occasional Griefing/Can flipping
-Occasional Highsec Assassination
-Missioning, plexing or mining in space claimed by our alliance
-Any sign of botting is fair game for the first 3 items.
-Breaking of our word will not be tolerated though.

Low Sec:
-Locking will be viewed as hostile
-Attacking friends will be viewed as hostile

Null Sec/Wormhole Space:
-NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It)

*Note* All states are influenced heavily by the attitude of the other person. if you are friendly and iniate conversation we will not attack you.

*Note* Entering nullsec and Wormhole space is signing on for pvp, there are no Carebears in either space. Everyone is fair game, even us. We would rather make friends but looting your wreck can be almost as profitable.
Ship class K L
Assault Frigate 0 0
Battlecruiser 0 0
Battleship 0 0
Black Ops 0 0
Cap. Industrial 0 0
Capsule 1 0
Carrier 0 0
Command Ship 0 0
Covert Ops 0 0
Cruiser 0 0
Custom Office 0 0
Deployable Structure 0 0
Destroyer 0 0
Dreadnought 0 0
Ship class K L
Electronic Attack Ship 0 0
Exhumer 0 0
Freighter 0 0
Frigate 0 0
Heavy Assault Cruiser 0 0
Heavy Interdiction Cruiser 0 0
Industrial 0 0
Industrial Command Ship 0 0
Infrastructure Modules 0 0
Interceptor 0 0
Interdictor 0 0
Jump Freighter 0 0
Logistics 0 0
Marauder 0 0
Ship class K L
Mining Barge 0 0
POS Large 0 0
POS Medium 0 0
POS Module 0 0
POS Small 0 0
Prototype Exploration Ship 0 0
Recon Ship 0 0
Shuttle 0 0
Strategic Cruiser 1 0
Supercarrier 0 0
Territory Modules 0 0
Titan 0 0
Transport 0 0
Overall kills and losses20
2 Ships killed (904.55M ISK)
0 Ships lost (0M ISK)
100% Efficiency (ISK)
10 Most recent kills
Ship type Victim Final blow Location Involved Comments Time
Capsule » (241.75m)
D5IW-F (0.0)
Outer Ring
Podkill: 3
12-04-27 19:18
Strategic Cruiser » (662.80m)
D5IW-F (0.0)
Outer Ring
12-04-27 19:18
10 Most recent losses

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